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Unshaken by the Market

The market slides and panic ensues. Unemployment goes up, people default on loans and the media becomes a more dreary affair than usual. In a recession and in a lesser Bear Market, the public gets scared. This book is to teach you to keep your resolve and remain unshaken in the face of what is usually viewed as adversity.


Artemis – destination, moon

After reading “The Martian” by Andy Weir, I had been highly anticipating the release of “Artemis”. Both books take place on our close terrestrial neighbors to earth and have characters with a type of humorous pessimism. As with Wier’s prior book, “Artemis” did not disappoint in antics by the protagonist that kept me on the edge of my seat.

General Business

Overcoming the Challenge of the Sale

This sales savvy book was recommended to me by a highly knowledgeable business consultant. While I am not on the ground selling B2B, my customers are the sales executives that are in this role and their leadership. This book serves as a way to systematically attack the inevitable challenges that arise in modern selling.


Acceptance of fear

“Acceptance” is the third book in the brilliant series of “The Southern Reach Trilogy”. The series takes the reader through the strange, daunting and unforgiving landscape of Area X. This is an area seemingly carved out of the world today, yet unfamiliar. Creepy animals and non-natural behavior patterns abound. The lives of those living in its shadow and under its mysterious gaze are chronicled in this story of terror.


Awakening to the Stars

In this Sci-Fi adventure humanity has not yet reached the stars, but they have breached the confines of our blue planet to be able to live life on others. People have moved beyond the barriers of racism and sexism that are present today, but rather have replaced it with a new prejudice by gravitational body shape. People are no longer patriotic to their country, but rather what rock they reside on. This is the world in which humanity has awakened closer to the stars, in “Leviathan Wakes”.


Is this really an Elegy?

By definition an Elegy is a sad poem that is written in praise of the departed. The losses described in this comic were sad. Out of the losses came strength and a new a beginning. This was a positive consequence. Hence I question, is this really an “elegy”?

Data Science

The Signal and the Glittery Mayhem that distracts us

In my memory Nate Silver has been in the news quite often since the 2008 election. I first learned about him due to his Blog and accurate forecasts of the election. As an Analyst who frequently works with forecasting and ironing out prediction model, this book was right up my alley. Being as he is a highly respected Statistician, I wanted to get his take on analysis and perhaps how I could utilize his insight in my own work.