Graphic Novel

Kindred – an all too real depiction of America’s slave past

For Black History Month, I picked up the Kindle version of “Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation” for Comic Book club. I was warned before starting that the story is intense. I imagined it would be as it is a story of the terror inflicting on slaves in pre-Civil War America. I have seen depictions in movies, but this was a first seeing this as a comic style story. Even without animated actors, the story was indeed intense. This story centers around Dana, an African American woman from the relative present (1970’s) being swept into the historical time of slavery without warning.


Station Eleven’s new world order

In a world that still exists but life as we know is no more, the human spirit still survives. As described early on there are “No more countries, all borders unmanned” (St. John Mandel, 2014, p. 31). Humanity must struggle to survive, but culture still thrives. History is documented, journalism conducted and theater done live. This is the world where humanity has been decimated but goes on in “Station Eleven”.

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Spark yourself to success!

What is a Spark? It is many things. For me, it is what those of us burgeoning in our careers aspire to. So, how do we get there? I picked up “Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success” to plow forward with my current efforts.

Graphic Novel


Warning – do not read this graphic novel in the dark. I did not shiver from the cold as in depicted by one of the horror stories, but rather the sheer creepiness while reading. If you are sensitive to graphic imagery, this is not recommended. Despite the simple lines and blank and white shades, the imagery is vivid.


Clones in a Mystery

It’s hundreds of years in the future and life can be eternal through clones! Your mind stays, but your body regenerates. Six individuals have chosen this route wake up without a clue how they “died” in their last body. What could possibly go wrong as a clueless clone?



Say something nice. Indeed, as Missy would instruct I can “say something nice” about the book all about her. On a giddy Thursday at Comic-Con I hurriedly picked up a copy of “The Missy Chronicles” at the BBC booth. A couple of days later I got to meet one of the authors, Richard Dinnick and get the book signed (see below). I had yet to start to read the book but he recommended it as true delight for the Missy fan. He was being truthful, being as “The Missy Chronicles” has had me laughing every few pages.

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Unshaken by the Market

The market slides and panic ensues. Unemployment goes up, people default on loans and the media becomes a more dreary affair than usual. In a recession and in a lesser Bear Market, the public gets scared. This book is to teach you to keep your resolve and remain unshaken in the face of what is usually viewed as adversity.