Bolster Content Exposure

contentSchaeffer, M.W. (2015). The Content Code. (n.p.): Mark W. Schaefer.

Captivating my interest in the first chapter, Schaefer proclaims that “we’re firmly in the third digital revolution” (Shaefer, 2015, p.11). I asked myself at this point what this precisely meant, hence pulling me in to read further.

The revolution is the infiltration of content into our daily lives reaching levels we have never seen. With such an influx of content exposure, it is ever more challenging for the digital marketer or even the casual blogger to have their content exposed to the masses. The book is a comprehensive description of the various strategies that can be employed on selected channels to bolster sustained exposure.

One of the overarching positive themes in this book is that it does not take a large marketing budget to conduct the actions suggested. One really noteworthy section was on the power of getting content shared vs. simply “liked”. Getting users to sharing on social media was promoted as a means to capture interest and help decimate information better, in a relatively low cost manner. Generating interest was also explained in detail throughout the book from the perspective of fulfilling human needs, particularly on an emotional level. If you want to create joy, why not make your content funny?

My criticism of the book would only be the discussions as it related to niche marketing in a general sense. I was fed the general message of finding a niche market in business school, so this was not anything new. Although, there were some detailed examples provided relating to article headlines did get some of my own creativity percolating.

I would recommend this book, whether be it for the Chief Marketing Officer of a company or an emerging Vlogger. While the book in its entirety would not useful for almost everyone l, a good 70% of it is mostly likely is. The varied mix of ideas provided is a great resource to boost content or product exposure.


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