A future to “Dredd”

dreddWagner, J., Macneil, C. (2015). Judge Dredd: America.  Oxford: Rebellion A/S.

I generally read any of the Judge Dredd series graphic novels for their blend  of a dystopian future mixed with humor.  This stand alone book was recommended in other reviews with the common theme of it being “one of the best Judge Dredd’s” ever written.

The story starts off as one of young love, which is surely something that will exist in the future. The two main characters, Benny and American start their own lives as adults venturing out into the world. They spend years apart until they are one day reconnected. Until this point it is a storyline that could take place in almost any era. Past this, the story becomes a web of political protest, exploration of medical tech and child rearing, which are all dependent in this case on the back drop of a dystopian future.

I liked that this fictional book brought about conversations amongst friends who also read it, about some of the decisions the characters make. At what point do you choose not to proceed, even if you are able? Where is the balance between free will and the control of the state? I think the medical tech described in this book is brilliant, and could even be one day be a possibility, but would certainly test the moral compass of society.

Read this Judge Dredd novel if you are interested in exploring the depths of this possible future, and not so much if you are looking for laughs. It will at times leave your heart wrenching for these characters in the panels. I would agree with the general consensus; it is one of the best Judge Dredd books ever written, even though it does follow the standard format.


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