Don’t be a Scrooge this Christmas

dickensDickens, C., Wilson, M. W., Howell, K., Collins, M., Roach, D., Offredi, J., Wiley, T., Wheeler, J., & Placentino, J. (2008). A Christmas Carol: The Graphic Novel. Litchborough Towcester: Classical Comics Ltd.

It is now the holidays, and I finally have a chance to catch my breath. Prior to the next 24 hours of holiday festivities gearing up, I spent part of my morning reading leisurely. I had read A Christmas Carol in my youth, but had not encountered the rather fun graphic novel version until just a few days ago. This morning, I was able to zip through this colorful version of the story in a short and enjoyable 30 minutes.

Whether in comic or regular text format, the story is the same. As a child I did not grasp what the story really was about. At that time I just viewed it as a story about a grumpy old man that did not like Santa Clause. As a an adult, I view it as a story about a man that dislikes Christmas not due to the holiday itself, but rather what it represents. It represents joy, love, family, friends and good will towards others. He does not feel this warmth in his heart, and outright rejects any manifestation of it.

The comic version of this book showed the emotions of the characters quite well. You could see the sheer terror on Mr. Scrooge’s face as the various ghosts paid him visits. The downside of this comic for me was the reading level. I have read plenty of graphic novels that have had intricate story lines, and complex dialogue. This book was at a little bit too much of a young adult level, perhaps on the youngest side. I suppose I should have expected this though, with the “Quick Text” indication on the front cover.

Despite the mild dislike of the simplicity of the dialogue, I enjoyed re-reading this story in this comic form. Although written two centuries ago and republished in numerous formats, it still holds the same valuable lesson for all of us. Life is short – celebrate it and show kindness to others.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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