Graphic Novel

Waiting…for more

castwaitingMedley, L. (2010). Castle Waiting (Volume II). Seattle: Fantagraphics Books

It is now the last day of my holiday break. I will be returning to work tomorrow, but before I do I am attempting to get in as much reading as possible. As a follow up to the first volume of Castle Waiting that I read two years ago for my Comic Book club, I read the second volume.

I am not going to sugar coat this: I am disappointed. True to its roots the story is one of a more egalitarian society, amongst men and women and all the different creatures that inhabit it. But, the story differs in several components. I was waiting to see all of these, but they were not written in.

Any discussion of the bearded lady saint was missing. The order of nuns who follow this saint were in this volume, but not as they appeared in the first. In this volume they were portrayed as bickering old women, and not passing on brilliant wisdom as they were prior.

The prior female lead was present, but took a back story role. Instead of a story about her ventures, her problem in this story consisted of being at the mercy of some castle visitors to construct a passageway. A story focusing essentially on contractor work in castle was a bit of a bore, in comparison to the adventures of the prior volume.

Was this a waste of time? No, this was a pleasant read, just not as exciting. Much like many movie sequels, the book sequel does not beat the first. I’ll be waiting for more, hopefully in a future third edition.



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