It’s Neil Gaiman and the DC Universe!

gaimandcGaiman, N. (2016). The DC Universe By Neil Gaiman Deluxe Edition. Burbank, CA: DC Comics

It’s Neil Gaiman and the DC Universe! What else could I ask for? Of course this book is fantastic! In anticipation of seeing Neil Gaiman live at the end of the month, I blazed through this comic collection all at once with excitement.

The collection is an assortment of origin stories and alternate universes. In the beginning is an entertaining historic feature on 3 of Gotham’s main villains: The Riddler, Penguin and Two-Face. My favorite panel with Penguin (Oswald) is later in the book, when Catwoman tells him a room surrounded by penguins and cat in her lap “Cats eat birds, Oswald” (Gaiman, 2016, p. 163). In the center of the book is an alternate storyline where Superman’s true identity is known to the Green Lantern, and they must work together. In true Neil Gaiman style, the two find themselves in an alternate dimension, which could be described as hell. There was an untitled subset story with a young woman talking to a somewhat demonic creature, that reminded me of another Neil Gaiman book, Coraline.

There was only one story within this collection that I disliked, which was Metamorpho. The storyline was difficult to follow. I found myself having to re-read panels to keep track of what was happening. I did not finish the last two pages, and skipped ahead to the panels in the next story that had Catwoman. A personal wish list item for this book wish would have been for there to be a work in which Neil Gaiman did something with The Flash. As one of my DC Universe favorites, that would have been icing on the cake to have him pop up somewhere.

I hope in the live evening with Neil Gaiman later this month he touches on discussing his works with DC Comics. Learning more about his thought process behind devising these alternate universes would fulfill some of my craving to know more. Even better, would be if there would be more works in the mix to be released into another collection one day. I would be eager to read more of Neil Gaiman’s works within the DC Universe!

Special Note: I wanted to give a special shout out to my sister-in-law (seestra) for sending this book to me. THANK YOU!

Colette Molteni

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