The Best Norse Mythology ever told

norseGaiman, N. (2017). Norse Mythology. New York: W.W. Norton & Company Inc.

Last month I had the pleasure of getting a copy of this book and meeting Neil Gaiman!  I was part way through another one of his books, but in my excitement I had to temporarily put it down to get started reading this one. I meticulously went through the pages, so as to savor every moment of it. My journey through “Norse Mythology” is one that was funny and memorable.

I genuinely enjoyed all of the stories included, but I had one I particularly favored. My favorite tale was the one in which Freya was set to be married off to a giant, in order for Thor to get Mjollnir (his hammer) back. Loki is usually depicted as pure evil in the Marvel films, but he is shown here to be sly, yet brilliant. The shenanigans that ensue to recover the stolen hammer are hilarious. This humorous tale is the one I had the privilege of hearing Neil Gaiman reading live! Perhaps that is why I am predisposed to loving it so much. When reading the pages, I could hear him speaking.

This whole book though brings through the entertaining writing style of Neil Gaiman. There is a touch of humor and darkness wrapped up together, like many of his works. In the introduction he warns that Norse mythology in itself is sometimes contradictory, but in reading his interpretation in “Norse Mythology”, I had no difficulty following along. Perhaps this book could replace the drabber version textbooks that are distributed in high school literature. I remember the stories well now and even some of the long names of the world of the gods! I give the book two thumbs up and a high recommendation, for it is the best version of Norse mythology ever told.

Colette Molteni

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