Wonder Woman: a Captivating story of Prowess


Azzarello, B., Chiang, C., Akins, T. (2012). Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood (The New 52). Burbank, CA: DC Comics

In anticipation of the new Wonder Woman movie being released, I re-read “Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood (The New 52)”. As with the first time, this story did not disappoint. The action captured in the artwork of Cliff Chiang kept me enthralled throughout the story. This is a new and contemporary take on Wonder Woman, that is a real page turner!

Wonder Woman’s prowess is captured from the very start as seen on the cover, as she charges with bravery into battle. While she is strong and brave, her character deeply cares about humanity. This 5 year old comic captures this, just like the current motion picture release. She goes on a dangerous odyssey to help save a mortal woman, who is wrapped up in the dangerous dealings of the gods.

The story is odd, but that’s what makes it intriguing. It’s a story of self discovery, betrayal, politics and bad-ass adventure. If you are looking for a classic Wonder Woman origin story, this would not be the comic for you. But, knowing her origin story or any other background information is unnecessary for reading this.

Read this comic to be captivated in a fantastic story about Wonder Woman. It is just the beginning of a 9 book series, and I assure you, it will have you coming back to read more. It is no mystery why it became a “New York Times” Bestseller!

Colette Molteni

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