In Darkness there is still Humor

rookO’Malley, D. (2012). The Rook  [Kindle Edition]. New York: Little, Brown and Company

Myfanwy Thomas finds herself in a complete state of amnesia in the middle of a park, during a raging storm. Adding to the mystery is that she find herself surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves. She herself appears to have taken a beating, but of course survived. With no memories, all she has left are letters written to herself, with detailed instructions on how live her life. This new beginning for Myfanwy Thomas makes for a page turner right from the start!

There is no doubt that this book is dark, yet there is a splash of comedy throughout. It is dark in that there is death, murder and ominous threats with society wide implications to be dealt with. She is in a role called a Rook, within the secretive Checquy Group that serves and protects the United Kingdom from the supernatural. The story is humorous with the descriptions that Myfanwy provides. One line that made me laugh out loud was, “Checquy statistics indicate that 15 percent of all men in hats are concealing horns” (O’Malley, 2012, P.140). In describing a horrendous sound from a supernatural being, Myfanway says that it sounded “as if someone were driving a steamroller over a crowd of Swiss musicians” (O’Malley, 2012, P.221).There were many more suspenseful encounters with the supernatural that had such sassy descriptions.

One complaint about this book would be the chapters starting with the letters that always popped up right at the height of a cliff hanger. The cliff hangers followed by the letters added little value. While being 2/3rds of the way through the book already, I was well invested to finish, so the cliff hangers to captivate my attention were unnecessary. The book already had my full attention and excitement. I would have preferred if these letters stayed concentrated at the beginning, but it is a mild criticism.

Overall, I highly recommend this story if you have a flair for dark comedy that is supernatural. I certainly love this genre and I plan to read the sequel “Stiletto” that was released just a few days ago! I am eager to learn more about Myfanwy’s life as a Rook, with battling the hidden evils in the world. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this series to continue to grow, so I can delve even more into the supernatural universe of the Checquy Group!

Colette Molteni

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