Graphic Novel

Peculiar Strength

peculiarchildrenBiggs, R., Jean, C. (2013). Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: The Graphic Novel (Book 1). New York: Yen Press.

I decided to give this a read since I have been planning to rent the movie on my Apple TV. Isn’t it true that the book version of a story is supposed to be better than the movie? I have no way to compare for this specific one yet since I have only read the graphic novel. But, I do hope that the movie presentation lives up to the bright journey I was treated to when reading.

The peculiar children in this story are of course different than the vast majority of the populace. Most of them have abilities, or a different bodily shape. The pictures and illustrations show this, much as what we would be seen if you were to meet them in person. Descriptions are brief, and the children do not have their differences define their narrative. Actually, the narrative of the story is dominated by how much they are like other children. They want to live, explore and they have a yearning curiosity for the outside world.

The lead protagonist, Jacob, is curious as well. His journey is an adventure, but also a tale of coming of age. He matures, and uncovers the secrets that have been hidden from himself his whole life. The mysteries around certain conversations and sights he has seen are solved. As things become clearer for him and his world expands, the illustrations do as well with their bright colors. He grows from a young man full of fear of the world, to having confidence from a peculiar source. Peculiar or not, finding the strength to be brave and grow in life is something we can all relate to in wanting to strive for.

Colette Molteni

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