Awakening to the Stars

leviathanCorey, J.S.A. (2011). Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse Book 1) Kindle Edition. United States: Orbit

In this Sci-Fi adventure humanity has not yet reached the stars, but they have breached the confines of our blue planet to be able to live life on others. People have moved beyond the barriers of racism and sexism that are present today, but rather have replaced it with a new prejudice by gravitational body shape. People are no longer patriotic to their country, but rather what rock they reside on. This is the world in which humanity has awakened closer to the stars, in “Leviathan Wakes”.

The novel is told in the third person from the perspectives of two protagonists (mostly). One is young Holden whom hails from the original place of humanity, Earth. The other is the middle-aged Miller, who has lived all of his life out on the asteroid of Ceres, which is referred to as Ceres Station. Although both are in a time a couple of centuries in the future, both demonstrate humanity has not changed. Holden is young, hopeful and sometimes downright reckless. Miller is pessimistic and further aged from his line of work as a detective. Both of their lives intersect, and have an expansive impact beyond their immediate circles.

The TV series that is based off of this book series is appropriately called “The Expanse”. I watched the series first a little bit under a year ago. The book could have interchangeably had this name as well. Both the first half of the book and first season aligned quite close. The description of “expanse” is appropriate in that the characters are faced with the unknown and an expansive area in which their decisions can be felt.

Read “The Expanse” for an oddly relatable space-opera. Yes, this story is fictional and set in a future that has yet to happen, but it is not completely unbelievable. There is strife, love, hope and fear. Humanity looks different depending on what planet they have spent most of their time due to gravity, but at their core Humans have not changed much.

Colette Molteni




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