Acceptance of fear

acceptancesmallVandermeer, NJ. (2014). Acceptance. New York: Farr, Straus and Giroux

“Acceptance” is the third book in the brilliant series of “The Southern Reach Trilogy”. The series takes the reader through the strange, daunting and unforgiving landscape of Area X. This is an area seemingly carved out of the world today, yet unfamiliar. Creepy animals and non-natural behavior patterns abound. The lives of those living in its shadow and under its mysterious gaze are chronicled in this story of terror.

Why review the third book and not the first of this slow burn thriller? Well, I would encourage readers to get through the first two books to get to the third. In the first book, “Annihilation”, Area X is merely introduced. In book two, “Authority”, a view from the outside is given. In the third book, the perspective from within Area X is portrayed. The third is an exciting cumulation of all of the prior stories. It is worth the time investment to read the first two, to get to the exciting conclusion.

Written in the form of a true thriller, the reader is kept in suspense. What is a mystery at times remains vague, leading to the inkling of fear of the unknown. The rich diversity of characters is bound to have the reader be able to relate to at least one. Area X in itself can appear at times appear harmless, but the its threat sneaks up on you. Pick up “Acceptance” and get enveloped in the fear and excitement that will befall you.

Colette Molteni

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