Data Science

The Inevitable is not Gloomy

The futuristic stories I tend to enjoy reading and watching are dystopian in nature. Whether it is a story about an authoritarian society or the rise of the machines, neither tends to be depicted pleasantly. In “The Inevitable”, a free flowing set of predictions are given about a future in which the machines do rise, but it is not gloomy.

Data Science

Cars, Patients and Potatoes – the impact of Big Data

As a “Data Enthusiast” I have been excited about the growth of data availability and utilization for years. In my opinion, the democratization of data accessibility is just in its early stages. Visualizations that bring data to life are making it so actions can be taken with a quantified approach. This revolution with the utilization of data for all business has just begun, which will improve the quality of life.

Data Science

Data: Is it really Cataclysmic?

Some people find the sheer amount of data now available terrifying or boring to look at. What others find mundane or scary about it, I find exciting. Aggregating a large set of data and making sense of it in a clean and colorful graph brings me joy! This book, Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking), brings in the human side by aggregating the results of human interest, as it relates primarily to the world of dating.