Graphic Novel

Peculiar Strength

I decided to give this a read since I have been planning to rent the movie on my Apple TV. Isn’t it true that the book version of a story is supposed to be better than the movie? I have no way to compare for this specific one yet since I have only read the graphic novel. But, I do hope that the movie presentation lives up to the bright journey I was treated to when reading.

Graphic Novel

The Disappointing Game

Several years ago I watched the movie “The Imitation Game” in theaters, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. I enjoyed the movie both for the acting and the historical aspects. The blend of seeing a different side of World War II off of the battlefield and learning more about Alan Turing was delightful. Seeing geeks (like myself) utilizing their analytic abilities for the war effort was relatable. I was excited to get a better glimpse of Alan Turing’s life as the one of the most brilliant mathematicians to have lived, by now reading a graphic novel biography.

Graphic Novel

Waiting…for more

It is now the last day of my holiday break. I will be returning to work tomorrow, but before I do I am attempting to get in as much reading as possible. As a follow up to the first volume of Castle Waiting that I read two years ago for my Comic Book club, I read the second volume.