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Contagious television shows, taco shops, oh my!

Berger, J. (2013). Contagious: Why Things Catch On. New York: Simon & Schuster
I always find the topic of what makes something go “Viral” or in this case “Contagious” actually catch on fascinating. If you were to tell someone 15 years ago that a video had gone “Viral”, they would have looked at you in confusion. But now, a video or a hashtag spreading like wildfire is a common occurrence. With the globe connected and expression enabled to reach many in mere seconds to a wide audience, it seems only natural that this is possible. Netflix television shows, Taco shops for Taco Tuesday, mundane cleaning products or fan fiction jokes are all subject to become contagious.

Graphic Novel

Peculiar Strength

I decided to give this a read since I have been planning to rent the movie on my Apple TV. Isn’t it true that the book version of a story is supposed to be better than the movie? I have no way to compare for this specific one yet since I have only read the graphic novel. But, I do hope that the movie presentation lives up to the bright journey I was treated to when reading.

Data Science

The Inevitable is not Gloomy

The futuristic stories I tend to enjoy reading and watching are dystopian in nature. Whether it is a story about an authoritarian society or the rise of the machines, neither tends to be depicted pleasantly. In “The Inevitable”, a free flowing set of predictions are given about a future in which the machines do rise, but it is not gloomy.


In Darkness there is still Humor

Myfanwy Thomas finds herself in a complete state of amnesia in the middle of a park, during a raging storm. Adding to the mystery is that she find herself surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves. She herself appears to have taken a beating, but of course survived. With no memories, all she has left are letters written to herself, with detailed instructions on how live her life. This new beginning for Myfanwy Thomas makes for a page turner right from the start!


Wonder Woman: a Captivating story of Prowess

In anticipation of the new Wonder Woman movie being released, I re-read “Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood (The New 52)”. As with the first time, this story did not disappoint. The action captured in the artwork of Cliff Chiang kept me enthralled throughout the story. This is a new and contemporary take on Wonder Woman, that is a real page turner!


The Common Sense Point

I picked this book up upon the recommendation of a friend. With an ongoing curiosity about the world around me, this book sounded a good fit. As someone who works with data, I am well aware how something small can be magnified or have larger implications to an entire procedure. As Malcolm Gladwell (2003) states, “sometimes big changes follow from small events” (p.19).


Grit and Success

Years ago in college I would sometimes receive the compliment, “you are really smart”, to which I would reply, “No, I just work hard”. “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth is a journey through various anecdotes about people and studies exemplifying success, not due to innate talent but hard work. The path to success is to be mindful, deliberate and strategize long term. Even though I consider myself to have certain higher level of grit, this book has been insightful and certainly relatable.